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“I have learnt that I can reach my potential in life and that I should value myself. STAND UP AND BE COUNTED!”

“I have enjoyed the course and feel I have learn a lot.  I especially found the power session and the place session very useful. Thank you.”

“I have learnt about my purpose and the the residents purpose and making a difference and also thinking about the home as the residents home.”

“Knowing that I am making a difference gives me greater confidence to be more positive.  I have also learnt how to use different strategies to overcome conflict in team work.”

“I have learnt to be more positive to myself and to others.”

“I understood what power is and different power types and to be more positive towards myself and others.”

“I saw how important relationships are so that all staff and residents are happy. What made the most difference to me was realising that I could make a difference.”

“By using open questions and finding out more about residents I can improve their lives.”

“I learnt most about thinking of myself in positive ways and that fact that Iam making a difference and knowing more about what I value.”

“I was getting behind with my work and thought I wasn’t going to get it done in time, but I thought positive and got through it.  I also learnt to discuss more.”

“The course has made me realise that I have a purpose and that I do make a difference.”

“I have enjoyed these sessions. The positive self talk especially will have an impact at work. Thankyou.”

“What will be most useful to me was thinking about the residents purpose and future and also knowing how to use my power carefully.”

“Overcoming conflict in the team was really useful.”

Matthew - Barrister

I undertook a series of sessions with Richard: his style of coaching is very much to give clients control of the situation, creating a safe environment to explore ideas, aspirations and problems, however tricky. The result was that I felt more focused, better-equipped and calmer about my professional and personal goals. I have taken some significant steps forward.  So, judged by the extent to which Richard has helped me, the experience was a serious success. I would recommend Richard.

Duncan Meredith, tax and business adviser.

I met with Richard wondering how he would be able to help me in my line of business.  He was able to demonstrate an immediate understanding of the issues I faced. I was surprised and impressed by how much ground we covered in an hour.  I found it extremely useful and it has propelled me into my next phase of business.

Elizabeth Butler - Magistrate, Mentor, Teacher.

Richard's gentle and encouraging coaching style helped me enormously across several life issues. He helped me clarify my thoughts and led me to plan and go on to achieve many goals. He had integrity and a genuine interest in me and what I wanted to achieve. Being coached by Richard helped me view things differently & make changes to enable me to lead a fuller life.....

Fiona -  Coach.

Richard has the tremendous ability to listen with incredible depth and to ask the most insightful questions at just the right moment. The result is strong growth in my own self awareness with ensuing positive results!  

Karen - Barrister.

I found the series of coaching sessions with Richard really helpful.  During the sessions, through helpful & sensitive questioning, I was able to define what sorts of activities & interests I enjoyed & perhaps more importantly to understand why this was. I started to see how a lack of definition & goals was causing difficulties for me in my everyday life & also began to acknowledge areas where change would be beneficial & to see how I could take practical steps towards this. By looking at what did & didn't work for me, I was able to recognise my skills & abilities more clearly & so grew in self confidence. Throughout, Richard's manner was both encouraging & empowering, helping me to discover for myself the possibilities open to me & allowing me the space to assess them in a fresh way.  As a consequence, I have made some major life decisions much more confidently. I successfully applied for a new job which I probably would not have considered previously & now have a greater confidence in my ability to fulfil the role due to increased self-understanding.  I would thoroughly recommend a course of sessions.

Howard. DWP Bid and Delivery - Change Programme

The result of being coached left me with a tangible plan to do something about the challenges I’d previously struggled to work through. The discipline of working through the issues together with someone who skil fully asked sear-ching questions and helped keep my focus on what the real crux of the matter was, was a great return on investment.

Paul Dowson Senior Lecturer, Personal and Professional Development. Leeds Metropolitan University

Richard is the combination of someone who has enormous courage and who approaches life and learning as an exploration. He frequently sees what others do not see and matches his output as a communicator with the skill of careful listening. To realize the adventure of life requires strength and courage. Richard's qualities in this area will rub off on you.

Janet  Remedial Massage Therapist

I was at a point where I needed a clearer direction in my career.  I wanted to move forward & work out what was stopping me from doing that. Through Richard’s questions I worked out strategies to achieve my goals.  One of the key things was learning to change my perceptions.  We talked about altering behavioural patterns & changing physical & emotional habits & this has proved very successful.  I came away being able to say, “I am succeeding” which was really important to me.  Never before had I been able to say that. I now have a clearer sense of direction & I am encouraged by my own progress.

Sue  - Primary School teacher

“I really liked all of the content and the workbook.  I Thought it was just right. The ‘games’ & visual aids were very good, & it was good that you didn’t put pressure on people to share deeper. Just the right balance of teaching and pair work.  I would be very happy to do it again”.

Church leader - Harrogate

I Just wanted to say thank you so much for today. We all so enjoyed it and feel much more equipped (as you may have experienced at lunchtime!!) Thank you for all your very evident hard work and for putting so much effort into delivering such a professional and tailored package - so appreciated it.

Church leader - Harrogate

There was sooooo much LIFE in everything you shared today.     

Belinda Perfitt - Education Programmes Bradford and Airedale tPCT

I found the team time out last week very useful. I thought it was well planned and the structured approach made us focus clearly on outcomes but also gave us oppor tunities to think creatively.

M. Hield. Nurse

I got so much out of the workshop thank you, it was excellent! The presentation was clear & relaxed.  The exercises were fun and interactive & the workbook great.

Linda.  Nurse

Before my Coaching conversation with Richard I was confused about the issues involved in a very trying situation and had very little clarity about how to proceed.  I appreciated the style of questioning which enabled me to think through which issues were important,  what my expectations were and what was the best way to communicate with those involved.  I finished the coach call feeling clear in my own mind about how to proceed in a positive manner.

Mr John Sloan BMedSci, BM BS, FRCS, FCEM Consultant in Emergency Medicine Countess of Chester Hospital

Richard has a proven track record in coming alongside and genuinely seeking the best for each person. He is tireless and motivated and he possesses a great eye for detail and I have always found him to have the utmost honesty and integrity.  

C. Walker

I loved it all! and others will find it invaluable. It will help you to discover your individuality, passions, values, life experiences and skills, and help you to see how these shape you. It will enhance your confidence in your identity and clarify your vocation.


I really enjoyed the evening.  Richard is a very clear thinker and has a real knack of coming alongside a person clearly understanding the issues involved and carefully exploring options rather than giving directions.  The evening was really relaxed and enjoyable, not at all threatening.  It made me think and highlighted areas which were of real interest to me in the way I view things.

Barbara Clarkson BSc, MA, PTSTA, Psychotherapist, Trainer and Supervisor

Richard’s new book ‘The 5 Senses of Self’ is a clear and engaging self help manual for discovering and using human potential in personal, work and social life - set within the context of his coherent model of self development. Psychotherapists who want to extend their clinical toolbox, particularly within the positive psychology framework.

Professor P L. Bradshaw: Health Care Policy University of Huddersfield  &  External Examiner for  the NHS National Management Training Scheme.

‘This book is a very useful addition to the teaching armoury for those involved in leadership & management training & an excellent work for its application & relevance as a tool for self development. As someone who is involved in teaching managers, I see this as a breath of fresh air that I would commend to all of them most strongly.’  

Practice Manager Wakefield

I enjoyed the whole afternoon, and the most value for me today was the group coaching session and the training session.

Practice Manager

It was good to discuss issues and brainstorm ideas with other practice managers.

Practice Manager Leeds

The information was good, and the discussion and peer brainstorming was most valuable.        

Practice Manager Leeds.

The event was varied, informative and thought provoking, and it was valuable to have contacts in other areas.  An afternoon well spent.

Practice Manager Leeds

Coming across new ideas was very valuable. I would say to others considering coming to this event to attend.  

Practice Manager Leeds

The topics were interesting and the goal session was very useful.  I liked the solution focused approach. I would recommend others to come if they are considering it.

S. Davies.

Amazing! This was a very helpful course. The course asked the right questions which I realised we don’t ask ourselves. I now have a clearer picture of what is important to me and I can  use that in my job. Definitely do it! This is a life changing course!

C. Webster

This course has helped me to re assess my values and skills and helped me to think about what I want to do at this stage in my life. It’s reminded me of my God given gifts and talents and how I need to use them. It was a very well thought out programme and I loved the inter active games!  It gives great positive instruction and helps you to understand that your dreams can be fulfilled and that we can live life without fear. I recommend it.

M. Wright - Retired corporate trainer and director.

If I was still in the corporate work environment I would have found the course invaluable. The exercises help to focus on important issues relating to possible life or work direction changes or to improving your existing situations by understanding yourself better and understanding your career, calling & specific interests.

N. Freeman  

The positive self talk really showed me how to ask myself the right questions and how positive questions encourage and inspire. It really highlighted the issues that were important to me & has given me the drive to pursue them and also helped me to see how I can use my natural abilities to do this. This course will give you amazing insight into your natural abilities and how to apply them in areas that concern you or you are passionate about.

D. Winters.

Put your thinking cap on. The course explains why you do what you do and challenges if what you are doing is right for you.