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Empowering You to Empower Others

Richard & Catherine Burwell


North Yorkshire


Are the values of the team unstated, or the ‘rules of engagement’ unclear?  Are there groups within the business who struggle to work with each other?

We can help you to develop a powerful culture of shared values which will encourage ‘respect’, ‘creativity’, ‘innovation’ & create a climate where productivity is inevitable



Do any of your team members work independently, with no shared sense of belonging, and no common purpose or shared vision?

We can help you to overcome the problem of cliques and lead your team to share a common purpose and inspire them towards a common vision

Do some members of the team lack confidence while others seem to flex their power without restraint?

We can help you to harness the power of the team and the power of the individual so that individual and team goals are reached supportively and collaboratively leading to greater recognition of individual and team success.

Do you dislike doing performance reviews with your staff?

We can help you connect with your team members deep motivations & at the same time help them set goals for development which fulfil their contractual requirements

Do you feel like you have more to offer but you can’t release it?

We can help you accesss your own powerful resources and tune into your own motivational values, passions and dreams.

Think of any behavioural/work culture issues in your organisation. How much time, money & people resources are currently being spent on resolving or living with these?

How strongly would you like to take appropriate purposeful action to eliminate these issues and improve workplace culture?

How much could be gained by having these situations improve significantly?

Do some members of the team seem to procrastinate due to low self belief and does their fear of failure cause them to fail?

We can help you to nurture the sort of workplace culture that inspires the best effort of your team and lifts team members to higher levels of self belief where every challenge is seen as an opportunity to grow develop and improve.

Our passion is to empower CEOs, directors, team leaders and business owners to introduce positively focused, high motivation high productivity strategies into their organisation.

Our mission is to work with you in cultivating a work environment where all your teams can thrive.

We do this through content led seminops, combining the best elements of workshop shared experience with seminar teaching and…

through Leadership and business coaching which helps you to see what you need to do while offering you the accountability to actually do it. Our training involves a range of interactive learning experiences and teaching for teams at all levels.

           “I have learnt that I can reach my potential in life and that I should value myself. STAND UP AND BE COUNTED!”

“I have enjoyed the course and feel I have learn a lot.  I especially found the power session and the place session very useful. Thank you.”

“I have learnt about my purpose and the the residents purpose and making a difference and also thinking about the home as the residents home.”

“Knowing that I am making a difference gives me greater confidence to be more positive.  I have also learnt how to use different strategies to overcome conflict in team work.”

“I have learnt to be more positive to myself and to others.”

“I understood what power is and different power types and to be more positive towards myself and others.”

“I saw how important relationships are so that all staff and residents are happy. What made the most difference to me was realising that I could make a difference.”

“By using open questions and finding out more about residents I can improve their lives.”

“I learnt most about thinking of myself in positive ways and that fact that Iam making a difference and knowing more about what I value.”

“I was getting behind with my work and thought I wasn’t going to get it done in time, but I thought positive and got through it.  I also learnt to discuss more.”

“The course has made me realise that I have a purpose and that I do make a difference.”

“I have enjoyed these sessions. The positive self talk especially will have an impact at work. Thankyou.”

“What will be most useful to me was thinking about the residents purpose and future and also knowing how to use my power carefully.”

“Overcoming conflict in the team was really useful.”