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1. Complete the contact form, saying when you are best contactable and I will email you to arrange your free session.

2. Phone me on the pre arranged date for your complimentary coaching session.

3. Following on from your free session we will agree a minimum of four sessions and we will also agree the values we will both seek to adhere to in order to make our time together most effective.

Complimentary 15 minute coaching session

Your complimentary coaching session is used to help you clarify what you want and to see if we work well together. These 15 minutes represent genuine value and will be of benefit to you, even if you choose not to take the coaching forward.

I encourage you to take notes during your coaching session, but I also provide you with my own notes from the session and my post coaching reflections*, in addition to “homework” recommendations, which I encourage you to complete in order for you to gain the maximum value from our sessions together.

The responsibility is on me to give you the highest value intervention that I can and on you to commit to our coaching sessions together and to fulfil the homework assignments prior to the next coaching session.

Different Coaching Options - times of the day and length of time

I am available for traditional ¾ hour coaching slots at various times of the day,

I am available for shorter power-up sessions, from 9am or lunch time and before important meetings.

I am available on retainer once you have completed at least one batch of 4 coaching sessions.

Retainer coaching sessions give you easier access to coaching with me (whether through shorter power up sessions or on retainer once a month or once a fortnight.)  The cost is £35 per ¾ hour session or £10 per 15 minute session.

Booster sessions at the beginning of the day or at lunch time can be a great way to help you keep the momentum of previous coaching sessions. Quick fire booster sessions are only available once you have undertaken a minimum of 4 traditional coaching sessions.

I am confident that we can gain a good result together and I genuinely look forward to hearing from you.

BA Hons Theology Degree and Pastoral Studies

Ministerial Ordination Training

Accredited Coach with


Now part of the Coaching Academy

Mapping the Stages

of a Leaders Life Call

By Master Coach

Tony Stoltzfus

PGCE  Secondary School

Qualified NLP Practitioner, trained under Robert Dilts and Judith Lowe.

Practitioner certification co-signed by Dr John Grinder, the Co-Developer of NLP

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* Each session is followed up with an email of the notes that the coach takes during the session.


My intention is to make coaching affordable to every one who desires it. Therefore my coaching fee is set at the highly affordable level of £40 per 45 minute session, with additional notes of the coaching session emailed to you afterwards, inc any further reflections for you that I may have.

I ask that you commit to 4 coaching sessions as a minimum. This will enable us to build up some rapport and momentum together. Your insights will build week on week and your motivation and power to implement the insights you gain will grow with each coaching session undertaken.

You book for a minimum of 4 sessions @ £160 total.

If you feel that you have achieved your desired outcome before

you have used up all of your sessions, you can either…

Store your remaining sessions for up to 6 months or

Gift any remaining sessions to people of your choice.

You can cancel after the first session within 3 hours of that session with the guarantee of a full refund of all the sessions you prepaid if you do not feel that you have gained value for money; but thereafter there will be no cancellation refund.

Please note - the lasting impact of coaching builds session on session, so there is value in allowing yourself time to assess the cumulative benefit that you are gaining from all your coaching sessions.