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“This book is a very useful addition to the teaching armoury for those involved in leadership and management training and an excellent work for its application and relevance as a tool for self development… The work has both intellectual depth and breadth… The material is organised in a most user friendly way. Its text is neatly punctuated along its course by useful boxes in the text containing learning points that reinforce its principal messages. It is conceptually compre hensive and its diagrams are illuminating, plentiful and serve as valuable metaphors for what the author is advocating… As someone who is involved in teaching managers, I see this as a breath of fresh air that I would commend to all of them most strongly.

Prof Peter L. Bradshaw: Professor in Health Care Policy (University of Huddersfield) and External Examiner for the NHS National Management Training Scheme.

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A Coaching Framework for

Personal and Team Development


A Life Purpose, Life Direction Discovery Course over a period of 8 - 10 weeks.


PC / ipad / Tablet

Transitioning Year 6 to Year 7


A Book for Teachers

“The positive self talk showed me how to ask myself the right questions & how positive questions encourage & inspire. It high lighted issues that are import ant to me and gave me the drive to pursue them. It helped me see how I can use my natural abilities to do this. This course gives you amazing insight into your natural abilities and how to apply them in areas that concern you or you are passionate about.” N.Freeman

“Amazing! This was a very helpful course. The course asked the right questions which I realised we don’t ask ourselves. I now have a clearer picture of what is important to me and I can use that in my job. Definitely do it! This is a life changing course!” S. Davies.  

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Power Up! is very valuable: it is definitely something we have been  missing. It is an all-round package, good value for money. Belmont Grosvenor School Harrogate.

Power Up! was definitely worthwhile – pupils were much more enthusiastic about starting secondary school as a result of Power Up! They whole-heartedly participated in discussions that the programme generated.    

Sutton in Craven Community Primary, Keighley, 2016

“It is nice to know other children are in the same boat as you…It was good to understand how high school works and that I shouldn’t be worried.”Yr 7 Student Abbey Grange Cof E Academy

“The questions helped me to prepare. Having more understanding about high school meant I was less worried.  It was useful   to let your feelings out,I didn’t have to bottle them up.” Yr 7 Student Abbey Grange Cof E Academy

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Review from Mr J Wood.

Head Teacher St Aidan’s Church of England High School. Harrogate.

“This book designed for teachers and written by Richard Burwell, challenges those charged with the responsibility for transition, to consider the issue from the standpoint of empowering students through the process. The book is well researched and well written posing questions and then providing answers that will help and support teachers who are working with children as they are journeying along the road of transition.

Practical ideas are suggested to develop themes considered, and there is much that will stimulate the thought and methodology adopted, to ensure all students gain much from the process as well as laying down a firm foundation for further development within the school and later into adult life.”




Accredited Coach with


Now part of the Coaching Academy

Mapping the Stages

of a Leaders Life Call

By Master Coach

Tony Stoltzfus

PGCE  Secondary School

Qualified NLP Practitioner, trained under Robert Dilts and Judith Lowe.

Practitioner certification co-signed by Dr John Grinder, the Co-Developer of NLP

BA Hons Theology Degree and Pastoral Studies

Ministerial Ordination Training



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Written by Richard & Catherine Burwell