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Empowering You to Empower Others

Richard & Catherine Burwell


North Yorkshire

Including fill in boxes,

Embedded engaging videos on empowerment topics

Data capture with relevant information about student concerns and motivations


In two parts, this unique programme helps schools add to their portfolio of support for incoming year 7’s, whilst teaching them underpinning principles of empowerment.  

Power Up! Part One:

Part One is an interactive, multimedia ebook which pupils will use over the summer period in 2015.


Features include:   

Questions with fill in boxes for typed answers

Embedded videos on the topics of transition & empowerment

Data capture for schools: selected information about student concerns and motivations sent to your inbox.

Power Up! Part Two:

Part two is curriculum based, and allows teachers to continue to develop empowerment themes through transition topics.  All features listed below are for year 2015-2016.

Features include:

A comprehensive teacher’s toolkit, containing full descriptors of lesson teaching, activities and exercises with a range of questions.

A license for two teachers to teach the materials. *See free training information below.

A full colour student workbook (either provided in photocopiable template form, printed workbooks, or Ipad version for schools who issue Ipads for learning).

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Introducing our Power Up! Programme to empower pupils before and after they arrive at High School!

Power Up! covers 5 key principles for developing self confidence, self awareness and positive tools to bring about positive behaviours and behavioural change. Power Up! begins at the start of the high school journey emphasising valuable lessons for personal empowerment, whilst offering the practical tools to apply it to the period of transition into high school.  

The classroom-based part of the Power Up! curriculum can be used within or across a range of existing school subjects,  eg. in PSHE, or across Drama, English, History and Art and within form time. It enhances the aims of the school in its moral, social and personal education, and contributes to the communication of an empowerment culture by the school.