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In times of transition and change the old certainties that once held you steady, and which made your life seem meaningful and productive begin to fall away.

Perhaps work is not what it used to be - its now harder to keep up with the pressure or you can’t see the point any longer - or worse - the new guard are forcing you out. Maybe you can’t rely any more on past knowledge and experience to boost your self esteem in a world of work that’s changing and demanding more and more from you; and what’s expected of you now is not what you signed up for.  Perhaps the job is forcing you into a mould that doesn't fit.

It’s in times like these that you need to find a deeper anchor- a more profound definition of who you are and who you want to be and how you want life to look. When you learn how to celebrate the successes of your past, and are able to feel good about your abilities in the present, and when you have a clearer understanding of the values that really make you tick, then you are well on the way to gaining a positive sense of self knowledge which will support you as you navigate times of transition.

Times of transition are often felt as a time of crisis, but if you can approach the season of change from the right perspective, you can see the the onset of change as a genuine opportunity for personal growth and transformation. The onset of change can then be seen as an adventure and an invitation towards becoming the person you have always wanted to be and perhaps doing some of the things you have always wanted to do.

Such times of transition and change ask a lot of you.  They seem to call out a courage that you may not easily be able to find but which is most certainly there within you. The resources to handle the challenges in front of you are available, but often you need help to access them. These resources are often hidden behind old inaccurate definitions and perceptions of who you are and what you are capable of achieving. These older self definitions may not worthy of you, and may not serve the person you are in need of becoming. The resources you need are are often found in the new empowering relationships which you need to develop and which will support you through the journey.

Times of change require new ways of seeing ourselves, new ways of seeing the opportunities before us and new habits and disciplines which make the most of the time which is upon us. Coaching can help you to navigate this time of change successfully.  PLEASE CALL ME TO EXPLORE HOW COACHING MIGHT WORK FOR YOU ON 07940 856635