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I will help you to maximise the possibilities inherent in every situation you face and particularly in the realm of working relationships and the stresses that occur in this sphere.  I will help you to look for the win-win in every complex or high pressured relationship you have to deal with.

Often our default in difficult situations is to passively withdraw and say nothing or to engage in ongoing skirmishes through power-play behaviour, ending ultimately in a final showdown - it’s my way or the high way!

But these responses to stressed relationships and pressured situations only offer a win for you or a win for the other person - with quite a bit of unnecessary pain in the process. The harder road to travel is the one which offers the best outcome possible for everyone concerned. And even if this eventually feels like a lose for the other, it doesn’t need to mean that they are destroyed in the course of the conversation or as a result of your action. It is possible to keep our integrity and maximise our own opportunity or the aims of the business while at the same time seeking to maintain the honour of the other person.

Coaching will empower you to manage your workplace relationships, your business challenges and your career opportunities with wisdom and with confidence, so that you are able to hold back when you need to hold back and move forward boldly and with appropriate sensitivity when the right moments present themselves.  You will be helped to convert your highly pressured, pivotal work place situations into transformational conversations.

The best way to navigate the complexity of relational difficulty is by committing to the transformational journey. It’s the more complex road to travel and asks more of you personally. The transformational journey may seem to be a slower route, requiring more stop offs and detours, but it’s also the one most likely to get you to your destination with the least chance of a relational pileup on the way. Most of us need help to navigate this journey.

So much of life hinges on where we perceive the balance of power and permission to lay. Particularly with those who have authority in our lives or with those who seek to usurp power away from us. By entering into a coaching relationship with me, I will help you to recognise the power you possess and the best way you can exercise it and when to do so. Coaching will help you to see yourself accurately and to see your situation with clarity. Gaining this sort of insight will help you to know what you want and how to proceed. You will gain confidence in your decision making and be empowered to take the necessary action in the best way possible.  I hope we can work together.