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Empowering You to Empower Others

Richard & Catherine Burwell


North Yorkshire

Coaching provides a creative space where you are the full focus of attention, where your potential, values, dreams and goals are fully explored and where you are encouraged to adopt empowering expectations for your life and work. Through deep listening and intuitive questioning, coaching facilitates greater levels of self awareness, provides space for you to access inner wisdom, motivates you to take appropriate actions and supports you all the way through to the success you desire.

The Coaching Dynamic is a coaching and training partnership created to help you bring about transformation in your work place culture and gain greater clarity and accountability for your business goals.

A transformed workplace culture improves productivity, raises workforce energy and ownership, increases courage and effective contribution to the business mission and improves the way in which management approach staff and staff approach management.

In addition to our seminar/workshops, we include 1 to 1 implementation coaching which is designed to help you embed your learning in the regular routine of practices, behaviours and actions which build a transformed working environment for the whole business.  This is essential, because insights which are not implemented are a lost investment in the future productivity of your business.  We generate possibility thinking, creativity and genuine positive change amongst our clients, and operate from an absolute belief in every person’s potential. Our approach is non-judgmental and blame-free. Our coaching is relaxed yet focused, taking place on the phone or face to face.  


A Creative Space - where you are the full focus of attention…

1 to 1 Implementation Coaching

Conflict, lack of buy in, boredom, sickness, absence and low productivity are all experienced in the office, the classroom, the staff room, and the care home whenever people don’t know how they fit, where they fit, or whether they fit; when they are not clear on the business values and priorities and the key practices which are meant to flow from those values; when they are not sure if they are able to do what is expected of them and don’t believe in themselves or are not sure if management believe in them AND when they are not sure what they are allowed to do - where authority lies and permissions have been given and how much freedom there is for a creative and innovative approach to the work they do.

Our coaching and seminop input can help you to clarify all these key productivity issues… At its heart, the Coaching Dynamic is committed to empowering your organisation, the community you reach and the culture that you work within to be the most productive, effective and fulfilled environment possible.

Email or call us on : info@thecoachingdynamic.com. Tel: 01423 313562

Conflict, lack of buy in, boredom, sickness, absence and low productivity

As writers, educational developers, teachers and professional coaches, may we work with you “to empower you to empower others?”

We want to focus on your results, so will ask you what you are looking to achieve and help you  think through outcomes.  This will not involve any cost to you. The conversation will last about 20 minutes.

If you choose to take this process further we will tailor our service to your specific situation from the varied coaching/training options shown on the website.    

We aim to respond to your needs swiftly, confidentially and specifically. By all means feedback to us on how we did.  

Our Coaching and Seminop input can help you

As writers, educational developers, teachers and Professional Coaches…

Matthew - Barrister

I undertook a series of sessions    with Richard: his style of coaching is very much to give clients control   of the situation, creating a safe environment to explore ideas, aspirations and problems, however tricky. The result was that I felt more focused, better-equipped and calmer about my professional and personal goals. I recommend Richard.

Belinda Perfitt -

Education Programmes, Bradford & Airedale Tpct

   I found the team time out last week very useful.  I  thought it was well planned and the structured approach made us focus clearly on outcomes and also gave us opportunities to think creatively

Duncan Meredith.

Tax an Business Adviser

    I met with Richard wondering how he

would be able to help me in my line of

business.  He was able to demonstrate an

immediate understanding of the issues I

faced.  I was surprised and impressed by  how much ground we covered in an hour.  I found it extremely useful and it has  propelled me into my next

phase of business.

Qualified Secondary School Teachers

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What people say about us

MORE - What people say about us

Pauline   Pennington -  Head  of Academic Studies  and  Teacher Education,  Blackpool and The Fylde College.

The coaching with Cathy has been highly impactful. She has really supported me to manage my time more effectively. She was responsive and highly supportive of my needs.  

S. Clark  - Primary School teacher

I really liked all of the contents and the workbook.  I Thought it was just right. The ‘games’ & visual aids were very good, & it was good that you didn’t put pressure on people to share deeper. Just the right balance of teaching and pair work.  I would be very happy to do it again.