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Richard has worked as a qualified personal performance coach and writer since 2007, coaching, presenting and training in organisations using his own original frameworks and tools, Prior to this time, he has worked as a church minister (ordained in 1992) and in the voluntary sector. Currently he shares his time between his family and his coaching practice.

His book “The 5 Senses of Self-A Coaching Framework for Personal & Team Empowerment®” was first published in Spring  2010, and a new edition will be available soon.  

His second book “Empowering Students in Transition (Helping year 6 & 7 find their wings)” was published in May 2016.

Richard’s tools and frameworks have been used with clients in the health, care home and church sectors. His individual client coaching ranges from managers, barristers, accountants and church leaders to the unemployed, in helping people find strategic life direction or strategic help in their work context and workplace culture. He is also able to coach you in relation to your work/life balance.  He is a qualified NLP Practitioner, training under Robert Dilts and Judith Lowe. His Practitioner certification is co-signed by Dr John Grinder, the Co-Developer of NLP.

Prior to qualifying in these areas, he worked to empower people through housing support work for the homeless, managing a team of staff for an inner city youth project, and co-pastoring one church which he helped to begin in team with others, in addition to exploring various expressions of church meeting in the home. Richard is passionate about the subjects of ‘Empowerment’, ‘Workplace Culture’ and ‘Life Purpose Fulfilment’

Richard’s qualifications include gaining an Honours Degree in Theology, a Pastoral diploma for Ministerial Church ordination, a PGCE in secondary school RE teaching (QTS), a diploma in Coaching Practice with Distinction (Coaching and Mentoring International*) and NLP practitioner certification.

*‘Coaching & Mentoring International’ is now part of The Coaching Academy (www.the-coaching-academy.com)

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Sue  - Primary School teacher

  I really liked all of the content and the workbook. I Thought it was just right. The games and visual aids were very good, and it was good that you didn’t put pressure on people to share deeper. Just the right balance of teaching and pair work.  I would be very happy to do it again.

Ministerial Ordination Training

Accredited Coach with Distinction

Coaching & Mentoring  International

Now part of the Coaching Academy

Mapping the Stages

of a Leaders Life Call

By Master Coach

Tony Stoltzfus

Qualified NLP Practitioner, trained under Robert Dilts & Judith Lowe.

Practitioner certification co-signed by

Dr John Grinder, the Co-Developer of NLP.

PGCE  Secondary School

Religious Studies



Theology and Pastoral Studies Degree